Waywords: Claiming Wayward

It’s fair to say that the Wayward Daughters movement means something to a whole lot of us. Claiming it for ourselves is just the beginning, we have internal and external boundaries to break, & doors to hold open to ALL comers. All right girls, (& everyone)…let’s go to work.

The Starlight is Still in Your Eyes…

I look perfectly normal

Not at all like I have fairies in my hair

‘Cause I’m mostly invisible

Right up until you step into my art

Wade heart-deep into my stories

Everything I love is stories

I study what I love

I know all the magic words

Just in case we need them

I’m kind of a mess, truly…but I make things beautiful

And beauty is all my eyes are made to see

I see you

Hiding under all that dust

You forget where it came from

But the starlight is still in your eyes

The dust of stars

And invisible wings like mine

When I dream, we can always fly

But only in dreams

It’s befuddling

We know perfectly well, how!

Our road so far is, shall we say, circuitous

Paving itself in front of us as we arrive

Our timeline is a spiral

You’ll just have to trust me

This is a gift, though the reason is perplexing

We’re intellectually curious, aren’t we?

Dangerously preoccupied…

We choreograph in our head

Renovate, redecorate, invent

We’ll wear spider silk & jasmine flowers

In a labyrinth centered by Excalibur in its stone

The power there for anyone to claim

Or we can get it somewhere else

Forever, wherever we say it is

We’ll shout the freedom on our laughter

Waiting for the words that flutter our bellies

Raise us up on our toes

Prepared to fall, to fly, to thrive

To discover the world we already made

Honey, wine, and fancy cakes on our tongues

Tasting the words that unlock magic

The secret corridors of hidden self-hood

They aren’t hiding at all

They’re nobody’s secret, now

We’ll tip back our heads

Let the sunlight burn red through our eyelids

Take a breath way down in the belly, now

How long has it been since we’ve had air down there?

Take my hand, we have flying to do

We do know perfectly well how

We’ll claim what we came here for 

All of us, together

Dare them to say “No!”

Whisper the word on a deafening psychic howl


We’re Wayward

Wayward as Fuck

There will be nothing less for us

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